Windows Energy Efficiency

As you might know that any opening in your wall reduces the overall efficiency of the wall structure that’s the energy escapes the easiest all year-round. So, our windows are specially designed to prevent this.

Therefore, when it comes to energy efficiency of new windows you should always be paying attention to the key points.

First of all, you need to make sure that your new windows have Energy Star Label, you might have seen this kind of label on appliances in your home. 

Another thing to consider is that in wide variety of selection new windows you need to choose the optimal location for specific style of window. For instance, Awning windows are usually installed over a kitchen sink because it easier to operate as opposed to a Hung windows where you have to slide the window up and down.

Next key point is the choice of double or triple pane insulating glass windows. The double pane windows are the standard option for your new windows, it is optimal and most economical offer. The way these windows are constructed is that there are exterior and interior pane and then there is an insulating gas in between, usually argon. Thereby, this construction prevents the cold from coming to your home during the winter time.

On the other hand, the triple pane insulating glass windows provide even more energy efficiency to your home. It is because the way they are designed: there is an additional pane on the inside provides a little bit thicker cavity for more energy efficiency. Unsurprisingly, there is a premium price to it, but nevertheless purchasing the triple pane insulating glass windows makes sense not only in Northern and windy parts of Canada. 

Regardless of what a homeowner will choose to do just make sure that you choose high quality products as energy efficient because this is something you do not want to turn around and do it in five years again. Both of these options are going to be great products which will be last for a long time and provide exceptional energy efficiency. 

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