Full frame or Retrofit Window Replacement

There are two main types of window replacement: full frame and retrofit (also known as insert or pocket windows). Usually the decision is based on existing window frame condition and customer’s budget. But first of all, you need to have a professional to inspect your existing windows and then suggest the appropriate type of window replacement, before you get into it.

Retrofit (insert) windows usually require less work and time in order to install them, and yet this is more affordable option. Before the retrofit windows are installed, we start with removing the old frames and sashes, the existing windows jams are not touched. However, we do not remove/replace the existing casing (trim around a window) from inside your house and exterior brickmould. Then, the new retrofit (insert) window is installed into the old jambs, special window foam is applied and caulked in the inside. Lastly, the old exterior brickmould is capped with aluminum and then caulked around.The only downside of the retrofit (insert) windows is that the new window frame and the glass area will be a little bit smaller than the original was. However, the energy efficiency, security and sound and noise proofing are going to be much superior than used to be.

The full frame window replacement on the other hand, is more complex and require old interior trim, old window jambs and brickmould to remove in order to install new window. Once it is done, the new window assembly with new jamb extension and exterior brickmould is inserted. Then, the new window is leveled, insulation foam and exterior caulking are applied. On the inside of the new window, we install new casing (trim) and apply caulking. With this type of window replacement, you get literally 100% new window unit, where the energy efficiency, security and noise proofing are going to be on the next level. 

The full frame windows are offered in two different types of interior finish:

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