Condensation on windows

Many people are confused by the appearance of condensation on windows, and what’s causing it. There are three main areas where condensation can occur: on the outside pane, on the inside pane, and between the panes of the glass. 

The root cause of condensation on the inside of the pane often derives from hot humid air touching a cool surface. More often than none, this happens during the winter when it’s cold outside. Similarly, you’ll notice condensation forming on a cold glass on a hot summer’s day. 

Condensation occurs on the outside of the window in a similar form. When the exterior is affected, this is a result of hot moist air touching the cold exterior of the glass.

If you’re noticing condensation between the panes of the glass, this is usually a result of improperly insulating the glass seal. This could indicate that your window is in need of a replacement. 

If you have a triple pane insulating window (refer to window energy efficiency page) it is less likely to have condensation on the inside or outside of your window. This is because the construction of these type of windows increases the insulation value of that window and prevents condensation forming from both sides.

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